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Vastu Tips for Relationship

Everyone faces challenges in their relationships at some point of time in their life. The relationships can be between:

  • Husband & Wife
  • Brother & Sister
  • Parents & Children
  • Between Colleagues
  • Boss & Employee
  • Landlord & Tenant

Read some Vastu tips for relationship.

Vastu Ananda Principles balances the cosmic energies and enables us to develop a healthy and joyful relationship with the people around us. Vastu tips for marriage/relationship works on this principle and helps people to develop a long term bond to lead their life with love and harmony.

Vastu Shastra for relationship
  • To improve relationship between husband and wife, use couple photos in your bedroom (e.g. Radha Krishna, or wife and husband, love birds, etc) in the bedroom.
  • These photos must also be hung at your favorable direction depending on your date of birth. Above mages instill a sense of peace, love and romance in couples.
  • Use light colors paintings in your home.
  • Don’t keep any aggressive paintings at your home or workplace. It results in tension and friction.
  • Avoid dark and aggressive colors.