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Vastu shastra for Marriage


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Vastu Tips for Marriage

Marriage is an important occasion in everyone’s life. However the process of choosing a partner becomes headache for many. Some even face issues of delayed marriage. In case of delayed marriages the person and the family faces social pressure and depression, which can lead to conflicts in the house. Vastu tips for marriage is of huge help for people who face such issues. Vastu tips for marriage is also good for those people who wants to find a partner. Most people only focus on the dosh in the horoscope and forget about Vastu dosh. Vastu dosh of a house has to be eliminated to find a good alliance. Vastu Ananda Principles elevates the inner energy in a person hence developing a good personality which attracts the right person with the help of his marriage directions.

Read Vastu tips and understand how it can help a person with their marriage

Vastu tips for a successful marriage: Light Diya and Agarbathis daily for positive energy. Sit facing your favorable direction during meetings. Vastu dosh must be addressed for a good alliance. Elevate inner energy for an attractive personality.

Vastu for Marriage
  • Diya and Agarbathis enhance the positive energy in the atmosphere. Doing so everyday will boost the inner energy and the person will be at peace within. This is a personality trait that is very magnetic in nature and attracts people towards you.
  • As per Vastu, the bride/groom should sit facing their good direction in front of prospect groom/bride for positive results. Favorable directions increase the confidence levels of a person.
  • In the bedroom , you should not keep any aggressive photos of animals or gods.
  • Unmarried individuals should keep few photos of opposite gender as per their liking in their bedroom.