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Vastu Tips for Health

Where there is health there is wealth” is an age old adage that people live by. Going by this motto people focus on their body, the food they eat, the air they breathe, the medical insurance they take, etc. However they do forget about the Vastu Tips for health. Regardless of all the other measures for a healthy life, if Vastu is avoided there would be an eventual health issue in the family. Vastu for health deals with that aspect of cosmic science, which targets the positive energies in a dwelling to improve not just the physical and mental health of an individual and his/her family but their overall well-being as well.

Vastu Tips for Health is applicable to you

Apart from improving the physical and mental health of people, the biggest benefit of Vastu for health is that it activates and balances the 7 chakras within the body. Chakras are another ancient science which is necessary for the overall well-being. When the seven chakras in the body are opened or balanced an individual is at his/her best health. The positive energy generated by good Vastu is largely responsible for balancing the seven chakras and helps a person find inner peace and live a hearty and healthy life.

Vastu Shastra for Health
  • Do you work sitting under a beam? Avoid working while sitting below the beam or near a pillar as it will have severe impact on health. A beam carries all the negative energy of a dwelling, which will be transmitted to you. So avoid sitting at that position permanently.
  • Where do you face while sleeping? Sleeping in your favorable direction will charge all of your seven chakras. Active chakras give the power to tackle any worldly issues.
  • Mind your bathrooms and toilets; open bathrooms and toilets in a house or office will affect your health. Bath rooms and toilets emit a lot of negative energy hence it is best to keep them closed.
  • Are there any unused medicines lying in your house? If so remove them immediately. As per Vastu Ananda keeping unused medicines in your home will affect your health as they represent the negative mental image of past illnesses.