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Vastu Shastra Expert (Mr. Anand Sharma)

Mr. Vastu Ananda

The principle practitioner, Mr. Anand Sharma is born in a Marwadi Brahmin family in Rajasthan (BITS Pilani) amongst highly spiritual environment. His family members were renowned Pandits of Kolkata having deep knowledge of Sanskrit, Astrology and Vastu Sastra. He has taken basic knowledge of Vastu from his family to further add-on his expertise with experience and perseverance thereon.

During his Kolkata stay, he was also fortunate to learn Healing modalities based on Energy healing techniques. After continuous practice and its application on physical and emotional ailments, he also learnt the methods of application of energy to manifest material and financial abundance & prosperity. Besides, this interest also inspired him to learn and acquire various other types of healing techniques across in the world. In this journey, he observed that almost all healing practices are primarily applied towards healing of physical and mental illness. Because of these energy healing techniques being extremely potent and powerful, he then experimented to apply such Healing energies to eliminate negative vibrations from land and energize land / space with Healing Energy techniques.

After getting excellent results from land healing and success in the initial stage, this highly inspired and motivated him to use high level healing techniques to get more efficient results in a much lesser time horizon. After couple of years of practice, with God's grace and blessings from his beloved Teacher, he developed a unique therapy, a mixed blend of different healing protocols and techniques, for land / space healing in order to make it ideal and viable with positive vibrations and energies. This later expanded from residential to work place, factories, schools, hospitals, hotels and more...

After continuous healing of any land area with application of Vastu cum Healing techniques and mantras, the negative energies are eliminated and replaced with positive vibrations, not only at the physical but etheric levels and shielded from physic attacks and negative energies. This not only brings about healing of that particular space but also imbibes peace, harmony, positive relationships, infinite abundance, prosperity and good energies for the owner and residents on that land. Post number of healing sessions, positive vibration in that area can easily be felt and experienced, thanks to my beloved Teacher for his priceless teachings and blessings of the supreme High.

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