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Vastu Tips for Kitchen

It is important to pay attention to the Vastu tips for kitchen for two reasons. First it is the place where food is prepared and second, the women of the house spend most of their time here. Vastu ensures nutritious food and the health of family members. Another important reason is that it is that place of the house where the fire element resides, and hence this area has to be sensibly designed. Vastu for kitchen lays down the rules for the placement and direction of the equipment in the kitchen

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Vastu tips for a healthy kitchen: Place stove and sink correctly to avoid quarrels. Align stove nob with head of family for good health. Avoid kitchen near stairs. Fix leaking taps to prevent financial loss. Keep kitchen clean for positive energy. Clean gas stove daily for hygiene.

Vastu shastra for kitchen
  • Check how your kitchen equipment’s are placed. If the stove and water sink are not placed in the right place and direction it will leads to continues quarrels at home. It is because both these represents different elements and placing them together causes tension in the house.
  • The stove nob should be placed in the favorable direction of the head of the family. This ensures good health for the whole family. Vastu Ananda can help you determine your four favorable directions.
  • The kitchen should not be near the stairs as it blocks the flow of energy The kitchen basin tap should never leak water as it leads to major financial loss. You will not be able to retain the money.
  • Water leaking is symbolic of continuously losing the money Any item in the kitchen should always be neat and clean because dirty kitchen accumulates negative energy Gas stove needs to be cleaned on daily basis because of hygienic and health related reasons.