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Vastu Tips for Home

Vastu Ananda Principles are easy-to-adopt and redefined version of ancient Vastu Shastra. Vastu Ananda is based on Cosmic Energy. You can tap into infinite power of cosmic energy, by connecting with appropriate directions, balancing with structure (home and workplace) and channelizing with chakras. Vastu Ananda Principles shows simple and easy-to-implement ways to adopt Vastu at your Home , without breakages or renovation.

Read this tips, you can create a positive atmosphere at home.

As per Vastu Ananda Principles, the obstacles faced by individuals and families is due to the imbalance of cosmic energy within and around them. You can overcome the problems by balancing the cosmic energy bringing a positive transformation in your life.

Vastu Shastra for Home
  • Use Salt to Remove Negativity – Keeping salt in the washroom can help to remove negativity from your home. The salt needs to be replaced every few days. Besides, in case any of your family member is feeling depressed or distressed, rotating a fistful of salt around him or her in circular motion 3 to 4 times, and then immerse it in water or fire. It can help to enhance positivity of the person and improve mental state.
  • Keep your Home Clean, Airy & Clutter Free - As per Vastu Ananda, it is important to keep your home environment clean and organized. It has a relaxing and calming effect on the inhabitants. Remove unwanted furniture, dispose of old and junk items and ensure there is sufficient space for smooth flow of cosmic energy to flow. Remove clutter, dust and waste materials from each and every corner of the house, with a special focus in the zone surrounding the main door.
  • Ring bell in all corners of your home to ward off the negative energy from your home.
  • Use Appropriate Pictures / Paintings / Wall-Hangings - Make sure to put up pictures, images, displays or wall-hangings that promote peaceful environment such as flowing water, running horses, twin birds etc .
  • Always Face your Favorable Directions - Based on your date of birth keep your head towards one of your favorable directions based on your date of birth, for a healthy and peaceful life.
  • Remove your footwear outside the house In order to maintain the purity and positivity of your home atmosphere, it is always advisable to remove your footwear outside the home. It brings dirt, dust, mud and negative energy, disturbing the sanctity of your home environment.