We as a whole consideration about our homes and invest energy, exertion and cash, attempting to make them more agreeable. When the house is built, it's not really simple to roll out the primary improvements. Here are a portion of the cures recommended by Vastu Ananda that you can do yourself to eliminate or decrease the Vastu dosha and get thriving life.

•    Keep tidiness. Use ocean salt and Gau Mutr (Cow pee) to wipe.

•    Light incense sticks regular routine in the evening in the house sanctuary.

•    When sitting for love, keep your face towards upper east.

•    Drinking water ought to be in the upper east of the kitchen.

•    The sculpture of Lord Hanuman ought not to be set in southeast. It could be a reason for a fire danger.

•    The pivots of entryways ought to be quiet. The pivots might be lubed occasionally.

•    Bed ought not to be put under a pillar.

•    A house ought not to have canvases which portray discouraging scenes, for example like an elderly person crying, scenes of war or destitution. It ought to have an image of say, a dawn, a sea, mountains, blossoms or giggling youngsters.

•    Tall trees are no place prescribed near the fundamental structure. For trees, the south in itself is great as is the west. No tree ought to be filled in the north and the east.

•    Little beautifying plants and bushes might be filled in the north and the east. The tallness ought not surpass, say, a large portion of a meter at the upper east expanding progressively to not more than 1.5 meters as one manoeuvres from the upper east toward the northwest or toward the southeast end.

Benefits achievable by modifying your Office / Study area as per Vastushastra:

  • Upscale your business and profession.
  • Experience success and prosperity.
  • Improve the sale revenue and profitability.
  • Vitalize the fund flow and stabilise the finances.
  • Foster better co-ordination with employees and management etc.
  • Stimulate faster movement of stocks and merchandise.
  • Helps to gather more clientele and repute.

What will you get in the Vastu Ananda report?


We shall check and analyse the Layout based on 16+1 Directions, Navgrah, PachTatvas Elements, Acitivity etc. and shall note the Vastu Positives & Vastu Doshas (flaws) in the Property.


We shall guide about the modifications, alterations to be done in the layout, activity, colours, placements etc. which would help to energize the property and minimize the Vastu Doshas.


If there are any Vastu Doshas which cannot be rectified on physical level then we shall guide about the placement of certain effective Vastu Dosh Remedy Products to rectify the Vastu Doshas.