About Us

Expert, Mr. Anand Sharma is brought into the world in a Marwadi Brahmin family in Rajasthan (BITS Pilani) among profoundly otherworldly climate. His relatives were famous Pandits of Kolkata having profound information on Sanskrit, Astrology and Vastu Sastra. He has taken fundamental information on Vastu from his family to additional extra his mastery with experience and constancy subsequently.

During his Kolkata stay, he was additionally lucky to master Healing modalities dependent on Energy mending procedures. After constant practice and its application on physical and enthusiastic diseases, he likewise educated the techniques for utilization of energy to show material and monetary bounty and success. In addition, this interest additionally roused him to learn and obtain different sorts of mending procedures across on the planet. In this excursion, he saw that practically all mending rehearses are fundamentally applied towards recuperating of physical and psychological instability. Due to these energy mending procedures being very strong and incredible, he then, at that point, tested to apply such Healing energies to dispose of negative vibrations from land and invigorate land/space with Healing Energy methods.

In the wake of getting magnificent outcomes from land mending and accomplishment in the underlying stage, this profoundly propelled and spurred him to utilize undeniable level recuperating procedures to get more productive outcomes in a lot lesser time skyline. After several years of training, with God's beauty and favors from his adored Teacher, he fostered a special treatment, a blended mix of various mending conventions and strategies, for land/space recuperating to make it ideal and reasonable with positive vibrations and energies. This later extended from private to work place, industrial facilities, schools, clinics, lodgings and that's just the beginning...

After constant recuperating of any land region with use of Vastu cum Healing procedures and mantras, the negative energies are killed and supplanted with positive vibrations, at the physical as well as etheric levels and safeguarded from physic assaults and negative energies. This not just achieves mending of that specific space yet additionally guzzles harmony, amicability, positive connections, boundless bounty, flourishing and great energies for the proprietor and occupants on that land. Post number of recuperating meetings, good vibration in that space can undoubtedly be felt and experienced, because of my darling Teacher for his precious lessons and gifts of the incomparable High.